Lights and Pool Fountains

Dress Up Your Sun City Pool Area with Lights and Pool Fountains

One of the easiest ways to enjoy a staycation in Sun City is to have an outdoor space that takes you away from it all. Dressing up your pool and patio or deck is a great way to make a special space for you and your family this summer.

Lights and Pool Fountains

Light It Up

In the heat of the summer, even getting in the pool under the noonday sun may not feel refreshing. Night swimming is a great alternative—if you have the right lights. Pool lights can be a great addition for safety and fun. Not only can you see your fellow swimmers and keep an eye on the kids, but different colored lights can make for a party-like atmosphere. Lights can be installed or floating, adding to the ambiance.

Maintenance of the lights can be troublesome, but we at Pink Dolphin Pool Care are here to help. From electrical repair to bulb replacement, our services cover your pool light’s needs. We can replace fixtures and install new ones.

For those looking for an automated color-changing system, Intellibrite has what you’re looking for. This pool light system has seven pre-programmed light routines. The innovative system provides color throughout the pool. Intellibrite is eco-friendly and cost-efficient, with installations beginning at $995.

Fountains and Fun

Pool fountains can be a simple, inexpensive DIY addition to your pool. Many are made to float in the pool itself while the return line of the pool feeds the water in. They can make for amazing displays, jetting water six or seven feet into the air.

Some pool fountains come with up-lighting, turning the fountain into purple, green or red displays. The sound of the flowing water and the light show can add to your peaceful pool deck or patio. Kids swimming with the fountains will no doubt have a blast dodging the spray.

With a simple, elegant display and some fun lighting, your pool can go from a boring swimming hole to the type of sophisticated backyard everyone wants to attend the barbecue in.

Whether installing, upkeeping or repairing your lights and fountains, Pink Dolphin Pool Care is ready for the job. If you are ready to take your pool area up a level, get in touch with your ideas. We can create your vision for this summer’s lazy pool days. Give us a call at (602) 688-7465 today.

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