How To Drain Your Pool

How To Drain Your Pool

Draining your pool can be a major undertaking. It involves equipment and a good deal of know-how that you, as a pool owner, may not have…no offense. When dealing with this amount of chemically treated water, it’s always a good idea to call a pool care professional who has experience dealing with the many issues that surround the disposal of large volumes of water.

Many jurisdictions have laws regarding the disposal of pool water so here are some things to keep in mind if you are considering doing it yourself.

1. It’s legal – though perhaps not advisable – to use the water to irrigate landscaping.

Remember, the water you are taking out of your pool has been chemically treated so foliage might not react well. Check with your local extension office to find out if irrigating with chemically treated water is safe for certain plants. If you’re draining the entire pool, it might be better to consider the next option.

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2. Drain large amounts of water into your home’s sewer clean-out.

On some older homes, the clean-out is located in the wall and extra caution should be taken as water can back up into the home and cause damage. On most newer homes, the clean-out is located outside the bathroom or the kitchen.

3. Don’t drain too fast.

Because of the size of the drain line, there is a safe flow rate that should not be exceeded. Most pool filter pumps will discharge too much water too fast and may cause backups.

These are just a few of the major concerns you’ll encounter when draining your pool. If you’ve never drained your pool, call a pool service company and let them get the job done quickly and correctly the first time through.

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