Cool Pool Accessories For 2014

Cool Pool Accessories For 2014

Swimming pools – in one respect – are really no different than your smart phone or tablet: they can be customized to fit your needs and even your personality. Products abound to make your pool function better, ease the maintenance, and add fun to what is basically a hole in the ground. Here are three cool pool accessories for 2014.

1) Pool lights

For many pool owners, lighting becomes a need rather than a want. Especially after they see what can be done with pool lights these days. Indeed, when comparing the cost of lighting to other accessories that add to the beauty and usefulness of your pool, a light is often the better choice. LED lights these days allow for the changing of color via remote control without the need to lower the water and change bulbs.

2) Salt Water Chlorinators

Salt water chlorinators provide exceptional water quality without the odor and irritation typically associated with traditional chlorine pools. Salt water chlorinators convert salt into chlorine in such a way that it avoids the odor and eye irritation associated with straight chlorine systems. Another advantage of salt water chlorinators is their low maintenance. Most require only four to eight bags of salt per season with 40 pound bags costing around $12 (check prices at your local pool store). Even though salt water pools are extremely low maintenance, chemistry should be monitored weekly as with other types of pools.

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