Fixing a Broken Pool Pump

Fixing a Broken Pool Pump


 Indications that your Pump is Malfunctioning

One of the first indications is the presence of an audible sound the pump makes where a visual is if the pool water looks unclean. If you cannot hear your pump, the first thing to check is the power, although a pool pump system is designed to cycle on and off it is still a good thing to check. However, if you hear an odd noise when the pump runs there is surely and issue. The issue may be something like a clogged or a cracked suction line or pipe or not enough water in the pool.

This last item is something that can mistakenly get overlooked which can cause a pump to malfunction due to overwork and overheating. In this case, the pump will stop because of a thermal overload switch built into the pump circuitry. In any of these scenarios, pool pump inspection is necessary. If left to operate under the above conditions, damage to the pump can manifest in a burnt motor, crack housings, broken impeller in addition to an overload condition shutting down the pump.

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The DIY Repairs for the Homeowner

This all depends on your mechanical abilities and the age of the pump and whether or not you want to go through the steps necessary to troubleshoot and fix the pump. As the technology of pump motors has not really changed over the years, the materials used in building them have. This has improved their reparability. In the past the pump lids, made of brass would warp making them next to impossible to remove without a fight. Today’ pumps are more forgiving with twist-lock pump lids. Still changing the bearings, switches, capacitors, cleaning out the basket under that stubborn brass lid sometimes took some specialized or homemade tools.

With pumps today, it is just as easy and cost effective to replace it or have a professional perform the needed repairs over taking the time for a DIY project. Although if you like that kind of stuff there is nothing stopping you. However, on the off chance that you neither have the time nor wish not to bother, you can call Pink Dolphin Pool Care and we can fix all of your pump issues so you can move on with enjoying your pool. Our family owned and operated business extends our service to the following areas;

If you have a new or old pool, give us a call and we will set up a pool maintenance service program that fit your needs.

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