Glendale AZ Pool Inspections

Glendale AZ Pool Inspections

Are you buying a house in Glendale AZ with a pool in the backyard? If you’re thinking about it, you should be thinking about having a professional Glendale AZ pool inspection done. A swimming pool can become a large part of your daily family life, especially during the summer. It becomes a place where family and friends gather to have a good time and cool off in the Glendale heat. But it can also become a large problem if a proper pool inspection isn’t conducted and you find out later that it is in need of many repairs.

Glendale AZ Pool Inspections | Pink Dolphin Pool Care

Professional Glendale Pool Inspections

When buying a house, many people hire a home inspector to make sure nothing is wrong with the house. What most people don’t know is that the ASHI Standards of Practice don’t require home inspectors to include swimming pools in their inspections. Swimming pools include a lot of complex equipment that must be properly maintained to remain functioning and keep the pool safe to swim in. A pool inspection should be conducted by a pool professional who knows the insides and outs of swimming pools and all the equipment pools are comprised of. A professional will be able to tell you potential problems with the swimming pool. Everything from the surface of the pool to the plumbing and electrical system should be checked during a professional pool inspection.

Pink Dolphin Pool Inspections

When trying to find a professional pool company to conduct the inspection, it can be difficult to find the right one. As a family owned and operated company, Pink Dolphin Pool Care understands how a pool can become a part of the family. Birthday parties, grills, graduations, and just plain old sleepovers all revolve around a pool. It is essential that the pool of the house you’re wanting to buy is in good working condition. You don’t want to find out that something is broken in a time when you need the pool the most. Be prepared so you can save yourself a headache later. Call Pink Dolphin today for your professional Glendale AZ pool inspection. (602) 688-7465.