How to Deal With Scaling

When having a fun day in your pool, have you looked at the sides and noticed some unsightly scaling? This is caused by calcium deposits that are left on pool surfaces after your pool water has evaporated. The calcium deposits create a white or gray scale line around the edges of your pool that can be difficult to remove. It can also be caused when calcium deposits come out of suspension and can be seen actually floating in the water of your pool. There are two different types of scaling pool owners come across: calcium carbonate and calcium silicate. How to deal with them depends on which type you have.

How to Deal With Scaling

Two Types of Scaling

Calcium carbonate is white, flaky, and relatively easy to remove. To remove calcium carbonate, you can use a pumice stone, stain eraser products, or acid washing. To determine if your pool is lined with calcium carbonate scaling, apply a small amount of muriatic acid on the scale. If the acid begins to bubble or foam on contact, then your pool scaling is calcium carbonate.

Calcium silicate is grayish-white and is much harder to remove than calcium carbonate. It’s harder to remove because this type has been present in your pool for a longer period of time. You can use the same method mentioned above to determine if it is calcium silicate, the reaction between the acid and scaling will just be different. If it is calcium silicate, the muriatic acid will have little to no reaction, unlike the bubbling of the calcium carbonate. Since this type of scaling has been present longer, the only way to remove it is either with a pumice stone and a lot of hard work, or call a professional to deal with it.

How to Deal with Scaling: Call Pink Dolphin

No matter which type of scaling you have, whether it’s easy or hard to remove yourself, you don’t want to deal with it. In this hot Arizona summer, all you want to do is have a good time in your pool and that does not include scrubbing all around your pool’s surface. The simplest solution on how to deal with scaling is to call Pink Dolphin Pool Care. We can handle any situation with ease because we are pool care experts. One call and a couple hours of work will get your pool looking great and ready for your next summer barbeque. Give us a call today at (602) 688-7465.

Signs your Pool Filter Needs Attention

Signs your Pool Filter Needs Attention

Summer is synonymous with swimming pool and with the Arizona heat reaching well above 100 degrees, your pool is in constant use. Summer time means barbeques and pool parties, or maybe just a lazy day cooling off in the pool. Whatever your summer plans are, time by the pool is always included. However, your pool time can be short-lived if your pool filter fails. Know the signs your pool filter needs attention and don’t lose time by the pool.

Signs your Pool Filter Needs Attention

5 Pool Filter Signs to Look For

There is no hard and fast rule that says your pool filter should last a certain amount of time. The main sign that your pool filter needs attention is debris coming back into your pool, but there are many more signs to look for. Looking for these 5 signs will let you know if your pool filters are in need of replacement:

●        Broken bands. If your pool filter cartridges have broken bands, your filter needs replacing. These bands keep the pleats of the filter from flattening under the water pressure from your pool.

●        Frayed fabric. The fabric used in making filter cartridges is generally polyester media which wears out over time from repeated stress from the chemicals and particles that the pool pump forces through it. Because of this stress, over time the material will begin to have a hairy appearance. In severe cases, holes will develop in the fabric, allowing debris back into your pool.

●        Flattening pleats. Over time, the polyester material will diminish and flatten. Just like when the fabric frays, flattened pleats allows debris back into your pool.

●        Cracked endcaps. Filter endcaps can become weak and brittle over time from the constant pressure and chemical exposure from your pool. Usually the fabric of the filter will give out long before cracks appear in the endcaps, but if you do see signs of cracking, it is definitely time for a replacement.

●        No flow change. When your pressure gauge reads 10 12 psi above the recorded psi at the time of a new filter installation, it’s time to clean your filter. This high psi means that the dirt and oils from the pool water have been embedded into the filter, causing the filter to be ineffective at keeping your pool clean.

Pool Filter Changes

Getting new pool filters installed is an easy job when you call Pink Dolphin Pool Care. As a family-owned business who loves our own swimming pools, we know the necessity of having a properly functioning pool filter. Without a good pool filter, your pool will become dirty and cut short your fun in the sun. Avoid this and give us a call today at (602) 688-7465.

What You Need to Know About Chlorine for Your Swimming Pool

What You Need to Know About Chlorine for Your Swimming Pool

Now that the Arizona summer heat is in full swing, your swimming pool has become your haven. You probably send as much time as you can in it and your kids spend even more. Summer is the best time for your family to have pool parties, barbeques, and graduation celebrations. This means that there are more people in your pool and you have to take extra precautions to keep it clean and one of the most important elements in this process is chlorine. Here’s what you need to know about chlorine for your swimming pool this summer:

What You Need to Know About Chlorine for Your Swimming Pool

Why is it Important?

Chlorine is essential to your pool’s functionality. Chlorine is a chemical that kills bacteria and algae. When you put chlorine in your pool, it works with other chemicals to keep the sides and bottom of your pool clean and free from any potentially harmful bacterias to either you or your family. Without the proper amount of chlorine, your pool will be unsafe for you to use.

How to Use Chlorine Safely

Since your pool water has such a high concentration of chlorine, it is not safe to drink your pool water. It is also not safe to touch chlorine with your bare hands when it is not in the water. Using gloves when adding chlorine to your pool is highly important to avoid any burns.

How Can Chlorine Affects You

Before being added to the water, chlorine can damage your skin as well as cause respiratory problems. Being in close proximity to chlorine while it is not in the pool can lead to breathing problems, burning of your skin and burning of your eyes. If you happen to ingest chlorine outside of the pool, it will burn your throat. The longer you are exposed to chlorine outside your pool, the more dangerous it becomes for you.

To avoid any harmful effects from chlorine and just enjoy your summer by the pool, let the professionals at Pink Dolphin Pool Care handle everything. We will keep your pool at the proper chlorine level and, whenever we need to add more, we know how to keep everyone safe. Call us today at (602) 688-7465.

Pros and Cons of Dogs in Your Phoenix Pool

Pros and Cons of Dogs in Your Phoenix Pool

Summer is here and that means your pool is being used a lot, but your human family members aren’t the only ones who want in on the cooling down. If you have dogs, you know that they want to get right on in there with you and swim around or simply lay on the steps to cool down. But is it really the best idea to have your dogs in the pool? Here are some pros and cons of dogs in your Phoenix pool to be aware of:

Pros and Cons of Dogs in Your Phoenix Pool

Swimming is Good for Your Dogs

Just like for humans, swimming is a great, low-impact total body workout. Swimming in the pool is easy on the limbs and joints of your dog which is great for young and aging dogs alike. While many dogs love being in the pool because it is a fun way to cool off and spend time with you, it is also the perfect spot for rehabilitation for dogs recovering from any type of procedure.

Chlorine and Dogs

One of the biggest concerns dog owners have is whether or not it is safe for your dog to swim around in chlorine and other pool chemicals. Just like their human owners, chlorine can slightly irritate your dog’s eyes and nose, but a couple hours in the pool here and there is harmless. After a nice swim, it is a good idea to hose your dog down because, like humans, the chlorine can dry out their fur and skin.

Dogs Drinking Pool Water

It is inevitable that your dog will drink the pool water. You can’t really train your dog not to drink the water when all they see is a giant water dish ready for their parched tongues. There isn’t a lot of information that tells us if dogs get sick from drinking pool water, but if you find that your dog starts developing stomach issues after drinking from the pool you can try lowering the chemicals in your pool and limiting their swim time.

Dog Hair in the Pool

Do not be discouraged from letting your pup into the pool because you think their hair will break your pool’s cleaning system. Their hair and other things such as nails will not break your cleaning system. Yes your pool’s filtration system will have to work harder and you may have to do some extra skimming after your dog is out, but there is no need to worry about having your pool break. The only downside is you having to put in a little extra work, but it’s all worth it when you see how happy your dog is swimming around in the pool.

Dog Ear Infections

The last item on pros and cons list of dogs in your Phoenix pool is ear infections. Allowing your dog in your Phoenix pool increases their chances of getting an ear infection. No matter how well-maintained your pool is, there is still bacteria floating around which can get lodged in your dog’s sensitive ears. To avoid this problem, simply be sure to thoroughly dry your dog’s ears once you get out of the pool.

For more pros and cons of dogs in your Phoenix pool, call Pink Dolphin Pool Care today at (602) 688-7465.

What to Expect When Calling Pink Dolphin in Glendale AZ

What to Expect When Calling Pink Dolphin in Glendale AZ

Now that summer is upon us, you know what that means. Long, sunny days spent poolside. Summer is the time of year where your pool is put to a lot of use. Not only are you and your family out there every day, but you constantly have friends over who use your pool as well. Your pool is the perfect gathering place for friends and family this summer season. If you can keep it clean that is. No one wants to hang around a pool that has debris floating around and isn’t clear in color. If that happens to your pool, you are sure to lose a few people, if not all of them, from hanging out with you. To avoid this, contact Pink Dolphin Pool Care today!

What to Expect When Calling Pink Dolphin in Glendale AZ for Pool Care

Who We Are

Looking for a professional pool cleaning service can be tricky business. These people will have your summer life in their hands. If they don’t do a great job, you could lose out on a pool-filled summer. You want to make sure that who you hire will keep your pool clean and do it with a smile on their face. When you hire Pink Dolphin Pool Care, you know you can expect top-notch work. We are a family owned and operated pool care service company and we understand just how essential your pool is. Our pool cleaning experts are all bonded and insured, as well as members of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. With credentials like those, you know you can rest easy when we come to clean or repair your pool. We are both friendly and professional. What more could you want from a pool care company?

What to Expect From Pink Dolphin in Glendale AZ

We are not just a pool cleaning company. We are a full-service pool company and complete tasks ranging from pool cleaning to pool installation. If you have a leak in your pool or something isn’t working quite right, we can fix it. If you want a whole new pool installed, we can install it. If you just need a simple clean, we can clean it. When you call us, you can expect to talk to someone who is friendly and understanding of your needs. We have seen it all and have dealt with every kind of pool problem. Whatever you toss our way, we will be able to handle it. Give us a call today at (602) 688-7465 and let us help you with all your pool needs.